Is a 160 acre working farm, 80 acres cleared with 7 ponds.  Located in Black Creek, BC  (Vancouver Island)



Mitch White Workshops
2019 tentative dates between May 10th - 17th.  Stay tuned for details.  
Janice Gunn Obedience Seminar
Spring 2019 2 Day Obedience Seminar - stay tuned for details.

Pheasant & Upland Bird Hunting at SDF - JOIN the 

Hidden Valley Conservation Club


Retriever Training Clubs on Vancouver Island:

UIRC (Upper Island)


PRHRC (Pacific Rim)


Salt Chuck HRC


VIRC (Field Trial)


BC Retriever Association


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Swamp Dog Farm is excited to offer retriever training opportunities and thank you for your support!

Please always check the CALENDAR for Open training days, closures due to farm work/ events / conditions and Training Area Group Reservations.   Check below for farm rules and any notices or changes!

Cost: $10 per dog (pay at mailbox inside barn door and please use envelope and write your name on it!) Puppies under 6 months of age Free.

Email to let us know you are coming to train! swampdogfarm@shaw.ca  


- CLOSED the month of December 2018.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  
- Vehicle Traffic over bridge is closed.  Vehicles may only park on gravel turn arounds or in front of barn.  Please do not drive or park on grass during the wet season.  

When you arrive...

Everyone must sign a 2019 Swamp Dog Farm Waiver.  They are located in

the Waiver binder in the Barn on the desk.  

Please follow the Farm Rules on the bottom of this page.

Use the whiteboard in Barn to sign in and out.

Booking the Property for Events

-   Swamp Dog Farm is proud to host a number of Events including Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Club Training Days, Barn Hunts, Obedience Matches etc.  If you wish to book the Grounds or Barn contact us by emailing swampdogfarm@shaw.ca .  A copy of club insurance must be available.   

Field Training on Open Days ($10 per dog)

-   The farm is usually open for field training on the following days / times.  Make sure to 
check the calendar for closures, events, private bookings or training area group reservations.  


:00pm - Dusk ; Tues, Wed, Thurs.  
9:00am - Dusk ;  Friday
12:00pm - 6:00pm ; Saturday

Email swampdogfarm@shaw.ca to let us know you are coming.

SIGN IN on the white board inside the barn; 

Write your Name and/or 
Training Group / Time /
Training Area(s) you will be using.  (Training Area numbers are on the training map on this
website and on the map in the barn).
-   Individuals and groups may sign up for 1 or max 2 adjacent training areas. 
(For example A1 & A2 or A5 & A4 etc.) Please don’t book what you are not using!  
- You may run into Training Group reservations that have booked certain training areas.  These bookings will be on the website calendar.  The following days / times are first come first serve only by using the whiteboard; Wed 3pm-5pm,  All Day Friday and Saturday Afternoon.
-   Please SIGN OUT (erase training area on white board under your name) so people know you are
finished with that area. You may sign out of one training area and sign up for another if it is not
-   Training area 6 is closed on Open Training Days unless posted on whiteboard and is available for Training Group Reservations
(see below). 

Training Area Group Reservations for 5 dogs or more ($10 per dog)

Training Area Reservations may be made for training groups running 5 dogs or more on the 

following days and time slots;  

8:00am - 12:30pm ; Tues, Thurs & Sat.  

12:30pm - 5:00pm ;  Tues, Thurs

5:00pm - Dusk ; Tues, Wed, Thurs

Email swampdogfarm@shaw.ca for availability.  If available you will receive a confirmation email and the training group booking will appear on the calendar on this website.  

- Training groups may sign up for 1 or max 2 adjacent training areas (check training map) and your setups must remain within the areas you book.   

SIGN IN on the white board inside the barn; 

Write your Name and/or 
Training Group / Time /
Training Area(s) you will be using.  (Training Area numbers are on the training map on this website
and on the map in the barn).  Don't forget to SIGN OUT (erase training area and name on whiteboard.

- If individual or groups continue to train after your time slot has ended because it's Open for training then it's an additional $5 per dog (sign in and out on white board).  

No training group reservations are available on Fridays or Saturday afternoons or Wednesdays before 5pm.  Those open training times are first come, first serve using the white board.  

Obedience Training in Barn and/or Barn Field ($10 per dog)

- Obedience Training in the Barn or Barn Field is available until November 2018 on the following days and times; Fridays  10:00am - 7:00pm

Saturdays 12:00pm - 6:00pm 

- Email swampdogfarm@shaw.ca to let us know you are coming.

- Please check calendar for any closings due to events or group bookings.  

- Group bookings (min of 5 dogs) available to reserve times slots.  

- Obedience equipment in barn is available to use.  Sign in for the use of the equipment in the Obedience Binder in the barn and please put away when finished.

- The farm is also open for retriever training on these days, if you would like to train in both 

obedience & field then it's $15 for both venues for the same dog.  

- Puppies under 6 months are FREE.


ACCESS- During the summer the main gate is often left open for farming access, wildlife or maintenance.  Please don't arrive any earlier then the "Open Training Day times" posted on the calendar or "Event times" on your premium list!   If by chance you arrive early just park outside main gate until the posted times.

WAIVER & LIABILITY for Training on Property -  2019 Swamp Dog Farm Waiver must be signed and available on desk inside barn door.
You must be a UIRC, PRHRC, Saltchuck, VIRC or FPOTC member in good standing. (no exceptions) due to club liability insurance for members.

VEHICLES - Drive SLOW on the roads leading to the farm and SLOW on the farm roads!  This is a farming community with children and animals.  Main gate will open at start times on training days - DO NOT close unless you are the last to leave.

PARKING - Winter / Spring wet season is beside barn or on gravel roads only.  Please do not park on any grass and use turn arounds.  When the ground is saturated if you make a rut please take the time to fix it.
 - Summer / Fall dry season.  Farm roads are open but please only turn around at the turn arounds.  Parking on short grass (under 8 inches is allowed beside the farm roads.  PLEASE NEVER drive in the fields unless you are following an obvious short mowed seasonal road and only during the dry season.   
- Always - Do not park where you would block access for farm equipment to cross bridge or block entry to fields at any time.

POTTY - Pick up the poop - You must pick up after your pet and can dispose of bags in the garbage in the barn.  

ETIQUETTE - Share the opportunity and try to be inclusive by allowing others to join your training group or offer to help.   When you arrive please check in with other training groups.  The farm is open for training, not going for walks with the dogs in the fields.  If using birds do not dispose of on the property.
Starter pistols should be avoided in Training Area 6.  Our neighbors have livestock and we need to be respectful of noise including barking dogs.
Avoid setting up or running dogs across any culverts.  Walk your lines prior to running your dogs for any animals holes or hazards.  
All dogs must be under control and/or crated in vehicles when not being worked.  Make sure to bring adequate water / shade / warmth / towels for your dog.